Adobe XD Workshop

Adobe London 2019 AUG


Presenting product design project during ADOBE XD Workshop hold in London, UK in 2019




UI design & Prototype


Adobe AI / Adobe PS / Adobe XD

Device: Iphone 7


User Story :


Checking the weather report

View recommendation of dressing tip

Image of clothing in the closet

Set up to do list

Link to Brands 

Link to media


Content Inventory:

Weather report/recommendation:

Image/Data/Rolling function


Closet page: Swipe, match with top / bottom / accessories


To do list: Name,date,time,image of clothing / Edit

Brand page: Swipe function/link to different website


Media: sharing posts/Share button/User icon

Functional map :

1. Weather/Recommend : Show data/roll images on pages

2. Closet : Match clothes-> Swipe

3. Agenda : Event analyze /Small images / Edit time or name

4. Brand : Brand name / limited items each brand / link 

5. Media : User name / user post / friend's post /

                  other media