Forest Keeper

Hiking Accidental Event Distress Device

Submission for IF Design Award 2017





Modeling: Creo 2.0 / Keyshot

Graphic:    Photoshop

Concept :


Design a hiking rescue system for both hikers and

local government. Concern a eco-friendly way for setting up the device, also how to use the climate data to prevent and decrease the damage of wild fire. The GPS report system can faster the rescue team to narrow down hikers location due to the blue tooth web link between multiple devices.



User Story :

Gps report station for rescuing while lost 

in a big forest/mountain area

Climate data collecting for government in free time

Easy for setting up/replacement

Functional map :

1. Data collecting : Show data/roll images on pages

2. GPS report : Match clothes-> Swipe

3. Set up : Event analyze /Small images / Edit time or name