Handy Safe

Shipwreck Escape Supporting System

Submission for IF Design Award 2017





Modeling: Creo 2.0 / Keyshot

Graphic:    Photoshop

Concept :


Design a shipwreck escape supporting system based on seat armrest. Combine the process of escape, the armrest contains lightening, Bouy pouch and GPS location.

Each armrest match to different seat can link with the passenger info for research team to identify the passengers.



User Story :

Emergency happen and press the chair button

Take off the armrest and pull the handle to auto inflate the bouy pouch and start the GPS location report

Turning the handle to start the battery of emergency lightening

Armchair GPS report back to rescue team

Armchair provide seat number for rescue team to match 

passenger's ID

Functional map :

1. Take of armrest : Seat Button

2. Auto GPS report+t Auto inflate the Bouy Pouch :

    Pull out handle

3. Turn on lightening: Turning the handle

4. Rescue team clear the passenger's data: Match with seat       number and data from boat company

5.  GPS map: Data reported