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Moon Festival 2022

Illustration for Moon Festival Card 2022

I draw different faces of moon, which fits a line of a poem “Shui Diao Ge Tou 水調歌頭” written by Chinese Poet Su Shi 蘇軾.


The poem is sad but beautiful describe missing somebody while watching the full moon, wondering wether people at separate places are watching the same moon and can meet again someday.

Here's the section I captured from the poem.

"A life has different stories, happy, sad, meet and left."


"The moon has different faces."


(This is the line I illustrate, I draw Mexican hat since I think the half moon looks like yummy taco, and it makes the atmosphere happy.)  


"I wish all loved one live long, we might not be together, yet we can watch the same full moon elsewhere."


(I write this line on the Mandarin card)

中秋_Flat compress.jpg
中秋 Engj compress.jpg
中秋 Man compress.jpg
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