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You Can Try


Personal illustration, 2022

procreate, gouache, pencil, dip pen

The "You Can" Series part 2!


I made this series for myself.

I miss making something simple, funny and happy. And I want to comfort and remind myself,

"Yes, you can do lots of things!You can!"

The "you can try any food" and "you can learn anything" gives me a lot of challenge.

I tried some new technique and it turns out 

well (I mean I like the outcome). 

(More article down below)

You Can Try
You Can Try

You Can Try Any Food

Growing up in and classic asian family,

I have deep memories of how asian parents

limit what you can or can not eat in most of your lifetime (or whole of it, lol).

Believe it or not, I didn't get to taste curry until I'm 18 while our domestic economics teacher teach us making curry pie at class.

I forgot how to decide what I want to eat...

There's a moment I finally recognize I have such difficulties of making decisions, not for dilemma but for deciding what to eat.

It takes me nearly one year or two, thanks to my beloved boyfriend that time (aka now become my husband) kept encourage me and force me to choose restaurant every time we go out.

I certain believe choosing what to eat also helps myself to look deeper to my inner mind and understanding my personality more as well. I remember at the start I can't make any decision simply because I barely know what I like or not.

<-- I love how the yellow melon works in 

this piece, it did perfectly enhancing the summer breeze.

And I love how the bird using straw drinking

its melon mock-tail (That's not a worm!).

You can go anywhere

You Can Learn Anything


Again, sadly, lots of asian parents decide what their kids can or can't learn (others like who to date with, what to wear...asians parents surely are busy).


Take an example, they might be happy to see you join a kunfu class imagining you're learning taichee (nope, you still learn how to punch and kick others), while they forbid you to learn karate since Karate Kids shows kids will fight with others at the dojo.


I'm glad except the karate and kunfu case,

my parents give me the freedom to learn basically anything. 

And enjoying the process of learning something you're into is such a happy thing.

It's like diving in a new unknown world.

You will need to know somehow, if you're learning baking, better make sure you have plenty of space and friend to send out all the bread. 

Same for ceramic, planting, and knitting.

You can go anywhere



<-- Don't limit yourself! stars can learn about sun by reading "Sun Book". Lying on the ball of yarn must be cozy.

You can go anywhere



<-- Seagull humming song.

I remember there's once I went to the beach alone at Porto in Portugal.

That's not a touristy place at all, I went to Lidl to grab drinks, get a spot and start watching the red sunset alongside the wave while seagulls still savagely steal others fries.


I start humming songs, imagining the nature, the ocean, the sand is humming songs to me as well. (By the cold water, 

by the sandy touch, by lots of things)

You can go anywhere



<-- Love these knitted clothing!

And I love how the sun has so many spot to place its knitted clothings, and yarn balls.

It has short hand, so I believe when the sun need more yarn ball or need a gift deliver to its friend, the clouds or birds will come to help.

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