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YOU CAN Surely...

Personal illustration, 2022

procreate, gouache, pencil, dip pen

The "You Can" Series part 3!


I made this series for myself.

I miss making something simple, funny and happy. And I want to comfort and remind myself,

"Yes, you can do lots of things!You can!"

You Can Dress Any Style

Funk, Latino, Modern or Classical.

You can dress any style, as long as you like the way you are.

Like girls can wear pants, boys can wear dress, it's not in the 90's in Taiwan now, we can choose what we like and what we want to be like. 

I fight so hard to get my paints...

I was in a choir team back in elementary school. There's a time when we need to go for a singing contest, all members need to wear uniform.

Being a physically girl, I was order to dress like all other girls - wearing dress.

But I really hate wearing fluffy girlish things, shirts or dress or anything have pink colors...

So I express my opinion, and after one month of arguing with my teacher, she secretly give my a boy's uniform on the day of singing contest. Thanks, Su.

<-- The pigeon is having a good vibe dressing like Bon Jovi. "It's my life! Let's have a great time!" You can see its tiny closet and dressing plan on the floor.

<-- I love how the green hat flying high, they are having fun of dressing themself up.

The hat was knitted by their friend - Sun.


You Can't Become Anyone 


The "Can't" finally appears!

Apparently you can do lots of things, and there are, sadly, something you can't do.

You can't become anyone, more specific, be like someone else.

There might be a point (maybe lots of points) you find someone charming, and you really like to compare yourself to that person, you want to become that person.

But no, you're not him or her.

You can stare at them as long as you like, 

hoping to become one of them, but in the reflection of the pond, you'll still be you, duck or human.


And that is completely fine.

The feeling of want to become someone else means you see the good part of them.

Now you'll need to see the good part of you, and like yourself.


Everyone is uniq, different. That's what makes you the only special one in the world. 




<-- I personally love the green head duck so much. The ducky is staring at other ducks, seems it want to become other kind of duck.




<-- Yes, cute ducklings! The charming one!

And mature duck that have no thoughts of becoming someone else.

I like how the colour render the cloud and pond. And I love the pencil scratch showing the swimming direction of the ducklings.




<-- There's a kid face reflection! Maybe he or she wants to become ducklings, too.

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